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About Bateam


In BAteam, we are dedicated to understanding the business processes within your organization. "Excellence at work" is the way we understand to take care about your business. "Excellence at work" means, first of all, efficient organization, converging processes and goals, excellence in business management, professional integrity, passion and innovation in all what we do.

Our more than 10 years experience in business development strategies elaboration has demonstrated that, in a competitive economical environment, the difference is made by the creativity and the experience of the managerial team, able to create the needed synergies for organizing and aligning the business processes, the resources and the specific opportunities for every development stage of the business you run.

That's why we have selected the best practitioners in business consultancy and technology, to offer you the know-how and the experience you need for organizing and harmonizing your business, according to the business excellence principles. In this respect, we can involve a consultant or a team of consultants, specialized in complementary areas, and organized based on corporate principles.

We implement business strategies based on practical solutions and an in-depth understanding of the business processes within your organization. We reduce the implementation time for the provided solutions, by applying change management strategies, meant to accelerate the adoption of these solutions by the organization.

We are BAteam and our main goal is the excellence of your business !