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About Bateam


BAteam represents a team of professionals with competencies and experience in business development. Our consultants are strategically grouped, in order to facilitate the development, adoption and implementation of excellence-based business strategies.

The job of these consultants is to offer practical solutions, based on a verified project methodology, which includes: product portfolio analysis; business processes mapping and analysis, based on the industry’s benchmarks and best practices; risk analysis; organizational, HR, and IT optimization; implementation plan development and follow-up.

What BAteam brings new on the Romanian consultancy market is the way we succeed to create o strong convergence between the product portfolio, processes, tasks, goals, resources, the strengths of your organization, and the clients’ needs, also taking into consideration the competition’s offer.
We take action on three levels of the strategy execution: company, clients, competition. Starting from the analysis of your company, we offer that strategical thinking needed for keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

On the company level - according to the internal analysis recommendations, and to the right strategy for the actual status, we prepare your organization for the next level - the level of excellence for every Key Success Factor, specific to your industry.

On the clients level - the primary goal of your organization is to better serve your clients, while maintaining a high profitability level. We can offer the guidance you need, for preparing the organization to step ahead to the level of excellence in the customer relationships, also.

On the competition level - the BAteam specialists have the needed experience and competencies for enhancing the competitiveness of your company in each of the three elements which determine the profitability: price, volume, and costs.