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About Bateam


"Excellence at work" means, first of all, efficient organization, converging processes and goals, excellence in business management, professional integrity, passion and innovation in all what we do.

Our mission: BAteam targets the leader position on the business consultancy in Romania. We will reach this position through the excellence in the business strategies development and implementation, and through a high-class business conduct. We offer a high level of performance and create synergies able to open new perspectives, so that our clients to run their business at the highest managerial level.

Our values:

Excellence in developing and implementing the business strategies of our clients is our main goal. In BAteam, "excellence" means practical solutions, with visible and sustainable results.

Responsibility. We take responsibility for the solutions offered to our clients. We are confident in our forces, because we know that, beyond us, there is the success of our clients.

Integrity. We act with honesty and professional ethics, because we go on the road with a single objective, to succeed.

Passion. We put passion in every project we manage. Only in this way we succeed to create value and sustainability. Our passion for business connects people, teams, companies.

Innovation. We approach each company in a unique way, so that we can develop unique solutions.

Pathfinders. We offer new directions for new companies.