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February 11th, 2008 - Business Advisory Team launches business consultancy services under the logo "Excellence at work".

Business Advisory Team, the newest company specialized in business consultancy in Romania, founded by two specialists in business development with more that 11 years of experience in successful industries in Romania announces today the launch of strategical management consultancy services, under the brand BAteam.

“BAteam is specialized in strategical management consultancy services, financial consulting, operations management, re-engineering, mergers & acquisitions and information technology. BAteam targets the small, medium, and large companies, oriented to performance and sustainable development. In this respect, BAteam develops and implements innovative solutions for business development, able to harmonize objectives, resources and responsibilities, with the unique goal to re-organize and optimize the processes alongside the entire supply chain.
What BAteam brings new on the Romanian consultancy market is the pragmatic approach, through which we succeed to create a strong convergence between the product portfolio, processes, tasks, goals, resources, the strengths of your organization, and the clients’ needs, taking also into consideration the competition’s offer"."The BAteam consulting services are based on the practical experience accumulated in various industries, such retail, distribution, production, IT and information management, within national and multinational companies. Our mission is to provide practical solutions, based on an in-house developed methodology, which offers an in-depth analysis of the product portfolio, process mapping and analysis, based on the industry’s KPI’s and best practices, and development of an excellence-based implementation plan, able to open new horizons for our customers.
The methodology we use is focused on obtaining quick results, with a major impact on the business areas agreed with our client as being of maximum importance”, declares Cristian Pielescu, Managing Partner and founder BAteam.

For other information regarding BAteam company and services, please visit the website www.BAteam.ro, or you can contact us via the e-mail address consultant@BAteam.ro.