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For many companies, the organization by departments and functional silos reduces the productivity and generates higher costs, lower quality of products and services, longer reaction time to the market changes, all of these being translated into a lower service level.

Usually, these companies waste a lot of time “passing” a task from one department to another, having complex structures with multiple functions, which supervise or contribute to the execution of the same task. The business processes are complicated and not clear defined, it misses the synergy and the fluency in execution, the decisions are centralized and delayed, and the cost structures are pretty chaotic.

For these companies, but also for those heading already to the same direction, the BAteam specialists offer pre-engineering analysis services and consultancy, for identifying the necessary steps in order to reconsider the way these companies manage their business..

From vision, mission and strategy updating, to the identification of the processes which will be subject of redefinition, understanding and measurement of actual processes, designing the necessary IT strategy and the prototype of the new processes – we can offer the power and experience to implementing a radical change in your organization.

For excellence in the business you run, and for a spectacular improvement in your cost structure and in your revenue, we invite you to see us in action !