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In business, a key-word is “competition”. For those who understand the rules of the game, the results are visible in their bottom-line figures. Equally, the costs level, the flexibility and the reaction time are reflected in the bottom-line figures.

The internet and e-business, on one side, and the supply chain management, on the other side, are the main worldwide tendencies with the biggest impact on the operations management, as well as on the overall business. In the same time, the accent on quality and process optimization, the technological impact, the environment and its influence on the production responsibility, the shop-floor people involvement in problem-solving, the new approaches in production management and the importance of productivity have consolidated the role of Operations Management as one of the critical functions within an organization.

From production capacity planning, products and processes design, location selection and layout design, up to quality assurance, production planning, inventory management, supply chain management, project management – these are some of the expertise areas covered by BAteam. Our specialists can work together with your teams, to optimize your manufacturing operations, supply chain, customer relationships management, as well as marketing and financial operations.

An experienced team in supply chain management can work together with your specialists, for the optimization of the product portfolio, inventories and overall logistical costs. For the right balance between production mix, lead-times, and location – we invite you to see us in action !