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Having an in-depth understanding of the processes within your organization, with a focus on the financial operations, our consultants can help your team by working together for a healthy growth of your business.
If you need sustainable business strategies, or your assets need a re-structuring process, if you need a due diligence or a complete financial model – we are close to your company, with our 10+ years experience in conducting our own businesses, and with the best specialists in the field.

We offer consultancy for designing short, medium, and long-term financial plans, and we can help for determining the right capital structure. Regardless of the type of the project you have in mind, we invite you to make a team with the best. The excellence in the financial area means a healthy, long-term growth for your company.

BAteam offers independent consultancy services and provides the resources and the technology needed for the audit processes which involve your company. Also, our specialists are beside your team if your company is involved in international acquisitions, implements global strategies for pricing, or needs a careful advice on the tax issues for international transactions.
For minimising the financial risks of the international transactions, and for improving the overall performance of your company – we invite you to see us in action !