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The impredictible economic environment needs a new approach regarding mergers & acquisitions. For evaluating new business opportunities, for selling the company you have created, or only a part of it, for evaluating the most profitable combination between a new acquisition and an organic growth, for entering a new market or just implementing a new technology, our specialists can help you to make the next step.

From scanning and evaluating the business potential, signing the initial agreement, due diligence, negotiation, agreement and deal closure, up to a quick integration and a fully assimilation of the new business, our consultants are beside your team and help you to become the strongest negotiator.

The BAteam specialists can work together with your teams, for transferring the best PMI practices: designing the communication strategy and methodology, change acceleration and adoption, integration plans, management education programs, intercultural analysis (costs, technology, brands, customers) and business impact, 100-days plans etc.

The integration of two companies needs the connection and disconnection of hundreds of processes simultaneously. For immediate results and quick integrations, we invite you to see us in action !