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For stronger companies: consultancy and tools that boost productivity up to 500%

Bucharest, 21st of January 2009 – BATeam announces the launch on the Romanian market of AgilePoint Suite software. Because of the economical crisis, a priority for 2009 is to create stronger business structures. The Business Process Management solutions serve this purpose: to transform the way we are operating on a daily basis by offering a more efficient work environment.

Agile Point suite is a Business Process Management (BPM) solution developed by Ascentn company based on Microsoft.NET. The solution has proven its benefits in successful implementations in companies such as Siemens, Philips, Toyota, Dell, Pfizer, Shell where immediate results were obtained in productivity increase with up to 500%. Agile Point completes, extends and brings added value to the existing portfolio of Microsoft products used by an organization, making possible to design a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Thus BATeam provides business managers with a tool that allows a fast change in business rules and the implementation of these changes without major interventions from IT side. The business processes will be speed up by automating the repetitive tasks and it will be possible to monitor costs and performance of staff and operations.

„Processes modeling in BPM applications really brings added value to our management consultancy services. We are sure that the integration of a BPM tool such as Agile Point BPMS in our portfolio will lead to further enhancement of our services and to more satisfaction for our customers" - said Cristian Pielescu, Managing Partner of Bateam.

About BATeam.BATeam offers business process re-engineering/ management services. The company’s services portfolio also includes change management services, from mergers and acquisitions to crisis management. The company’s services are result oriented and its methodology is based on a pragmatic approach in analyzing and optimizing the business of their clients. This pragmatic approach brings immediate results and is focusing on processes, profitability and efficiency.

BATeam offers an integrated services portfolio: the analysis of the current processes inside a company (As-Is), definition of the optimal To-Be processes and their implementation within the organization, including modifications of existing IT solutions or new solutions implementations, where Bateam also has a significant experience.

For more information about BAteam, visit www.BAteam.ro or contact: Cristian Pielescu, Managing Partner at Business Advisory Team, 1st Floor, 10, Poterasi Street, sector 4, Bucharest, Phone +40( 0) 031 4251 901 or Email: Cristian.Pielescu@BAteam.ro

About Ascentn. Gartner has qualified Ascentn as a visionary on the BPM market and named them the „BPM Cool Vendor” for 2007. Selected Ascentn as a Strong Performer in its Human-centric BPM for .NET with the highest score in product offering its category.

Ascentn`s solutions drive the BPM initiatives of many leading global organizations including Siemens, Philips, Bridgestone, Vandemoortele, Chinatrust, Cellcom, Elbit Systems, DaisyBrand. Ascentn has offices in North America, Asia Pacific (Taiwan, China, Japan) and EMEA (Belgium and Spain). For more information about Ascentn, please visit our Web site at www.ascentn.com.

For more information about Ascentn, please visit our Web site at www.ascentn.com.

EMEA-Region: hans.hantson@ascentn.com or call +32 497 42.76.13.

US-Region: jesse.shiah@ascentn.com or call +1 650 968 6789