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Bucharest, July 20, 2009 - BAteam announces the launch on the Romanian market of Visual Rules BRM Platform, developed by Innovations Stoftware Technology Corp

One of the most important  market conditions for a company today is agility. The company needs to adapt its business rules in real time to the market conditions. But many of those rules are hard coded and distributed throughout the IT systems. Business Rules Management Systems isolate the business rules from the other IT applications and allow business users to modify the business logic themselves.

Visual Rules is a market-leading Business Rules Management (BRM) platform developed by Innovations Software Technolgy Corp., member of Bosch Group, a leading provider in the market of Busienss Rules Management Platforms and Financial Industry solutions. Visual Rules supports both business and IT during the entire iterative process of creating, optimizing and maintaining business rules. All steps of this round-trip rule lifecycle are executed with ituitive graphical tools provided by Visual Rules components that integrate seamlessly and that can be selected according to your individual needs.

Thus BAteam provides business managers with a tool that allows a fast change in business rules and the implementation of these changes without major interventions from IT side.    

„Rules modeling in BRM platforms really brings added value to our management consultancy services. We are sure that the integration of a BRM tool such as Visual Rules in our portfolio will lead to further enhancement of our services and to more satisfaction for our customers" said Cristian Pielescu, Managing Partner of BAteam. 

About BAteam. BAteam offers business process re-engineering/ management services. The company’s services portfolio also includes change management services, from mergers and acquisitions to crisis management. The company’s services are result oriented and its methodology is based on a pragmatic approach in analyzing and optimizing the business of their clients. This pragmatic approach brings immediate results and is focusing on processes, profitability and efficiency. BAteam offers an integrated services portfolio: the analysis of the current processes inside a company (As-Is), definition of the optimal To-Be processes and their implementation within the organization, including modifications of existing IT solutions or new solutions implementations, where Bateam also has a significant experience. 

For more information about BAteam, visit www.BAteam.ro  or contact: Cristian Pielescu, Managing Partner at Business Advisory Team, 1st Floor, 10, Poterasi Street, sector 4, Bucharest, Phone +40 (0) 031 4251 901 or Email: Cristian.Pielescu@BAteam.ro 

 About Innovations. Innovations Software Technology is a market leader in Business Rules Management Platforms. In addition, Innovations offers leading financial industry solutions and services for Credit Risk Management, Compliance, and Customer Relationship Management. The independent research company Forrester rates Innovations as one of the three leading companies in the Business Rules Management Platform market internationally. Organizations in banking, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, automotive, logistics as well as IT service providers trust Innovations’ products and solutions. Innovations was founded in 1997 in Immenstaad, Germany. Regional headquarters are Chicago for The Americas and Singapore for Asia-Pacific. The company also has offices in Waiblingen (Stuttgart), Germany; and in Palo Alto (Silicon Valley), California. Since 2008,Innovations has been a member of the Bosch Group. 

For more information about Innovations, please visit our Web site at www.visual-rules.com.